Long Distance, Month 3

By: Annalee Finkenbinder

After 3 years we packed up all our belongings, got engaged and drove cross-country, moving 3000 miles with the intention of being closer to family. We stayed with your parents in upstate NY while we interviewed and found an apartment in Brooklyn. After a couple of months and a lot of dynamic, mildly stressful adventures we found what we were looking for — and then you got a job in Indiana.

Cool. I get it. And now I’m unpacking both of our boxes, measuring things you would usually measure and looking for furniture, while you travel most of the week. Sometimes it’s lonely and strange to be in our new place without you and when I’m really tired I start to resent how quickly my expectations were asked to evolve.

But at the end of each day I go to sleep knowing that I wouldn’t change a thing, and what you’re doing, though unexpected and not what we planned, is amazing, and somehow all feels absolutely right. I love you to the moon and back times infinity and I’m looking forward to visiting you on the road.

--> shop challenge series: long distance relationship

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