Target Picks Up Oakland Card Startup Dedicated to Mental Health

Card series now available at Target.com

[OAKLAND, CA – July 23rd, 2018] — Thoughtful Human®, a zero waste greeting card startup based in Oakland, CA, announced its partnership today with Target — the second largest department store retailer in the U.S. Starting today, customers can shop all (nine­ of Thoughtful Human’s new Supportive Card Series on Target.com. Each five-pack, assorted card series is designed as a tool to offer continued support throughout challenging circumstances and relationships.

Inspired by the personal experiences of its founder, Ali O’Grady, each Thoughtful Human series aims to destigmatize conversations around mental health. The company encourages consumers to stop using cards for impersonal occasions, and start using them in ways that are honest, meaningful, and consistent. Topics range from Cancer to Addiction, Grief/Depression, Family Dysfunction, New Motherhood, Employee Appreciation, Long Distance Relationships, and beyond.

“Just having the words ‘cancer’, ‘addiction’, and ‘depression’ at a major retailer like Target sends a big message: It tells the tens of millions of families across the country facing these issues that they are not alone — we see them, and we are here to help them find the words and resources to navigate these circumstances,” said O’Grady. “At the same time, our series model serves as a reminder that there’s no quick fix — building trust, fostering vulnerability, and having real conversations that lead to real growth and healing — it’s a process. It takes time and commitment on both ends.”

With community at the core of its mission, Thoughtful Human has garnered support from like-minded organizations and brands that bring additional resources to the issues it discusses.

“A simple card can mean so much to someone. Retailers working with Thoughtful Human are making it easier for people to show that support. It's a beautiful thing,” said Mike Porath, CEO of The Mighty, a digital health community for people facing health challenges, now with over one million registered users.

“As a three-time cancer survivor myself, I can tell you first-hand the importance of having a strong support community when facing a cancer diagnosis,” said Doug Ulman, President and CEO of Pelotonia (former Livestrong CEO). “In many cases, people are so worried about saying the wrong thing that they choose to say nothing at all.”

“I think those in the cancer community – patients, survivors, caregivers, medical professionals, advocates – will be encouraged to see the Supportive Card Series at Target. We collectively need to say a final goodbye to the days when drapes were drawn and the c-word was whispered when a person was diagnosed with cancer. The more we talk about cancer (or any stigmatized illness or disease), the more things have to change,said Ulman.

 Beyond its unique subject matter, Thoughtful Human brings Target’s only plantable cards to market. Each card is printed on seed paper (made from recycled materials) with eco-friendly inks that can be planted to grow wildflowers (details and planting instructions can be found at thoughtfulhuman.co). With an extreme focus on sustainability, Thoughtful Human has sought out other eco-friendly partners. They launched in Whole Foods Market’s Berkeley location last month, and zero waste lifestyle retailer Package Free Shop earlier this year.

“The reality is these conversations — conversations about the real stuff, the tough stuff — they’re uncomfortable,” said O’Grady, “Thoughtful Human offers a simple starting point and tools to keep the conversation going — ‘How are you feeling today? Do you want to talk about it? How can I help?’”


About Thoughtful Human 

Thoughtful Human® is a zero waste greeting card company on a mission to help people connect and communicate in challenging circumstances. Founded in October 2017 by Bay Area native Ali O’Grady, Thoughtful Human offers card series to help people provide continued support around cancer, addiction, depression/grief, strained relationships, long distance relationships, employee support, etc). With plantable cards that grow wildflowers, Thoughtful Human brings sustainable sentiments for real issues to the forefront of the card industry. Thoughtful Human products are sold online at Target.com, thoughtfulhuman.co, and in-store at Whole Foods Market, Berkeley and Package Free Shop. 

Press Contact: Danielle Ghighlieri, danielle(at)dmgcomms(dot)com



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