1. individual cards vs. "build your own" bundles — what's the deal? can i mix and match? can i buy multiple of one design?

      all Thoughtful Human cards come in bundles (why? see #2!). you can build your bundle two ways:

      1) by adding individual cards to your cart – through this route you can mix and match any designs and buy multiples if you'd like, as long as you meet the $20 cart minimum.

      2) you can also shop our support series collections — these are designed to go in sequence and be sent to one person over a period of time, thus you can only select one of each design and are limited to the designs within each series. however, all of the support series designs are also available as individual cards if you need more flexibility.

      have a special order request or just REALLY need one card? email us at hello@thoughtfulhuman.co and we'll see what we can do. :)

    2. why can't i buy one card / why is there a $20 cart minimum?
      sustainability! we just can't justify the eco-footprint of sending only one card in our cool seed paper boxes. PLUS, we want to encourage you to think ahead and be consistent with your thoughtfulness. thanks for understanding and helping us keep it green!

    3. can i place a bulk order? do you offer wholesale pricing?
      yes and yes! please contact orders@thoughtfulhuman.co for wholesale pricing and to set up an account.

    4. are the cards blank inside?
      almost all of our cards (82 or 87) are blank inside, but be sure to check the product details listed with each design to make sure. need inso on what to write inside? check out our guide here.

    5. is shipping free?
      yes! free shipping is included for all orders in the U.S.

    6. is your packaging sustainable?
      yes! see our sustainability page for all the details.

    7. what kind of paper are the cards printed on?
      our cards are made with plantable seed paper and printed with water-based inks. there are 7 types of wildflowers seeds in the paper — it can literally be planted to grow them! more on our paper and seed varieties on our sustainability page and planting instructions here.

    8. how do i plant my cards or seed paper box?
      see our planting instructions page!

    9. are the seeds non-gmo? what about invasive species?
      all seeds included are non-gmo and tested by a 3rd party lab to ensure they are free of noxious weeds. note: individual states may have their own regulations about what is and isn't "invasive" in the area — please check your state's list of invasive species before planting!

    10. where are the seeds native to? 
      the Clarkia, Bird’s Eye, Black-Eyed Susan, and Catchfly are all native to North America. the Sweet Alyssum seed is native in Europe, and Snapdragon are native to Morocco. additional questions/concerns about the seeds in your cards? shoot us an email at: hello@thougthfulhuman.co

    11. can i travel internationally with my cards? can i ship them internationally?
      each country has its own agricultural and import laws that we all must follow. in general, we do not recommend traveling internationally with our cards as they may be confiscated without proper documentation. if you would like to inquire about obtaining documentation for international travels, please contact us at hello@thoughtfulhuman.co.

    12. what kind of writing utensil should I use? will it impact the soil or flower growth?
      you can use any writing utensil available, but the best results will be from a ball point pen. our supplier has done 3rd party lab testing and found no negative impacts to the soil or flowers as a result of the ink printed on our cards or ink written in them.

    13. how fast will my cards ship?
      all card orders will ship out within 48 hours via USPS or UPS with an average delivery time of 2-3 business days.

    14. can i track my package?
      yes, you will receive an email once your order has been fulfilled with a USPS tracking number.

    15. what is your return policy?
      if your product was damaged in shipping, received in error, or if you are otherwise displeased with your order, we are happy to send you a replacement or refund. please email customer service at hello@thoughtfulhuman.co and tell us what went wrong and we'll get it taken care of for you!

    16. where are you located?
      we are located in Oakland, CA

    17. when was Thoughtful Human founded?
      we officially launched on October 29, 2017.

    18. what was the inspiration behind Thoughtful Human?
      Thoughtful Human was created to address three major problems in the current greeting card industry: relevancy, convenience, and sustainability.

      we create cards with a voice and design that reflect millennials, and cover the tough subjects that so many people (and brands) shy away from. we're ditching the holidays and "greetings" altogether, and creating cards with you first (breaking! your life and your relationships are the occasion). we're axing "catch-alls" and cliches, and addressing the challenges and complexities of real relationships head on — with raw, open-ended questions and sentiments that invite real conversation.

      fun fact: the average household buys 30 cards a year. 30! that means the majority of us are running to a crowded, fluorescent grocery aisle and grabbing some cheesy, irrelevant card in a rush...30x a year! Thoughtful Human exclusively sells bundles online — our goal is to help you plan ahead and make it easier for you to be thoughtful. we even offer stamps (at cost!), because we feel pretty confident that most of us don't even know where to find them anymore. :)

      we wanted to create honest, beautiful sentiments — without the waste. we came up with some pretty cool solutions to do just that...more on our zero waste materials on our sustainability page.
didn't find the answer to your question? shoot us a note at hello@thoughtfulhuman.co and we'll get back to you within 24 hours!
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